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The perfect start for your new puppy 
Set your puppy up for a long, happy and healthy life with help from Cundall & Duffy. 
From vaccinations to protect your puppy from dangerous diseases, to flea and worming treatments, microchipping and puppy socialisation – we’ll make sure your puppy has all the care and support they need to get the best start in life. 
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Puppy Packs 
Get all the essential early care and preventative treatments your puppy needs with a Cundall & Duffy puppy pack. 
Each puppy pack includes: 
A full health check with a veterinary surgeon 
A development check with a veterinary nurse 
First vaccinations 
Nexguard Spectra worming and flea treatment 
4 weeks Petplan insurance 
Cost: £38.80 
Puppy Parties 
Introduce your puppy to new experiences in a safe, controlled environment at a Cundall & Duffy puppy party. 
Designed for puppies between 8 – 16 weeks and held in the surgery waiting room, it’s a chance for your new arrival to meet other dogs and interact with new people during an important and sensitive period in their development. 
This will help your dog to: 
Develop social skills – so they know how to behave around new people and other dogs 
Build confidence – reducing anxiety and improving behaviour 
Improve behaviour – so they grow up to be a well-adjusted dog 
Reduce fear – so they are more comfortable visiting the vets and other new places 
Puppy parties are a fun, education bonding experience for you and your puppy – helping to reduce the risk of behavioural issues later on. 
At each party, you’ll also benefit from expert advice on caring for your puppy in terms of basic training, nutrition and flea and worm treatments. 
We highly recommend our 3-week course for your puppy, which costs just £10. 
For additional information, scheduling or to book a puppy party, call 01723 375 947 or email today