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We have seen several cases of antifreeze poisoning in dogs and cats in the Scarborough area over the last few years particular as autumn sets in. Unfortunately if not treated quickly it is fatal. Antifreeze is particularly dangerous as it tastes sweet, with poisoning seen more in cats than dogs. Please don’t leave your car unattended after using antifreeze. Please be aware that is it may have spilled onto the ground. 
If you suspect your Pet has come into contact with antifreeze or another toxic substance please contact Cundall and Duffy Veterinary Surgeons 01723 375947. The faster your pet is treated the better the chance of recovery. 
Signs to look out for 
• Looking drunk and wobbly on their legs 
• Being lethargic and depressed 
• Breathing Faster 
• Stopping eating 
• Vomiting 
• Drinking and urinating more 
• Seizures and coma’s 
Although these signs are not specific to anti-freeze poisoning please contact your vet if your pet has of these symptoms. 
Some other poisoning substances include; chocolate, coffee, sugar freeze sweets, onions, garlic, raisins, macadamia nuts, human painkillers and lilies 
For more information please contact on antifreeze poisoning or toxic substances please email or see the websites below. 
During the summer months it is important to protect your rabbit from ‘Fly-strike’. 
Fly-strike occurs when flies (green bottle) lay their eggs on susceptible animals.  
Eggs hatch out into maggots which then feed on the animal causing nasty wounds around the bottom and genital area. The rabbit may just appear quiet and reluctant to move around. 
We would recommend checking your pet daily. If maggots are found on your rabbit, this is an emergency and you should contact us immediately.  
Without prompt treatment affected animals will die.